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Love and Logic Parenting

Facilitated by:
M i k e & S h a r o n   D a n c h a k
Certified Professional Counselor
Certified School Counselor
Parents & Grandparents

Parent Training For Schools & Churches
“Becoming a Love and Logic Parent” is a training program designed by the Cline/Fay Institute.
Parents receive common sense tools to help them find the right answers and actions for some of those difficult moments during child-rearing:
--You’re yelling and no one is
--Kids don’t take an interest in
school or homework
--Chores are a constant battle
--Failure to accept any
--Whining/crying to manipulate and
--Temper Tantrums
As parents begin to use their new skills, they find parenting and the relationship with their children more enjoyable.

Course Options

Four two hour sessions once a week.

These sessions provide time for parents to be involved in interactive skill exercises with one another and the opportunity to ask the facilitators questions.

One four hour session on a Saturday morning or afternoon.

This session provides an overview of the key Love & Logic Parenting Skills. Facilitators provide exercises for parents to initiate self-guided learning after leaving the session.
Schools and churches charge parents a fee to cover the workbook and to help with the facilitator fee. They often provide scholarships for parents who are unable to pay the fee.

For more information on scheduling & fees, contact:

Sharon Danchak

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