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Treat Your Marriage Like a Business

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Treating your Marriage like a Business

My work as a professional development coach and counselor in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area has kept me in the trenches, involved in the day-to-day work and personal life of countless numbers of couples from diverse cultural, socio-economic and professional backgrounds. These connections have allowed me to have an understanding of the challenges and struggles of their frenetic life styles.
These busy couples, the majority with children at home, were struggling to keep their relationships out of the doldrums of marital drift, drift that often ends in emotional emptiness, affairs and eventually, the divorce court. I found that their needs for relational improvement fell into three broad areas:   
     First, commitment to the behaviors of love (understanding how to treat one another with respectful and need-meeting behaviors that create the feelings of being in love and being loved).
     Second, connected as friends (communicating in ways that strengthen the emotional connection of the relationship, conflict resolution that creates understanding and constructive behavior change, and casual conversation, laughing and having fun together).
     Third, sexual chemistry (candidly talking about unique sexual needs and desires, regularly experiencing the excitement, variety and pleasures of the three kinds of marital sex).

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“In Treat Your Marriage Like a Business, Mike has achieved what few others understand, much less can articulate. In a straightforward manner, Mike makes marriage improvement feasible for everyone. He uses proven coaching principles that enable spouses to enhance their marriages in a similar way to how great leaders enhance their business.”
Author, Activating Your Ambition: A Guide to Coaching the Best Out of Yourself and Others

“Most any busy businessman or woman will find Treat Your Marriage Like a Business, to be engagingly relevant. Danchak brilliantly parallels business and marriage concepts, using interactive coaching concepts. Mike’s writing style will appeal to busy professionals who desire to improve their marriages.”
Des Woodruff
President/Founder, Grok Trade

“Capitalizing on his 40+ years as a marriage coach, Mike Danchak brilliantly shines a light on the vital steps to success for couples experiencing a lack of intimacy and joy. Utilizing his extensive experience in the corporate world, he uses the concepts of success in business to reveal the path to success in marriage. This manual challenges couples to get beyond the petty and discover the crucial elements that can derail marriages. It is the best of what I have read of the hundreds of marriage books out there. Mike’s unique approach will appeal to men and women, which is rare in books on this subject. It should be in every married couples top ten books to read together, and is must read material for couples in crisis.”
Jeff Neil
President, JN Productions

“We assumed that after six years of marriage and two children, we had a good relationship and didn’t hesitate to partner with Mike Danchak to take an objective look at our marriage through the Married Love Coaching Plan. This thorough program revealed so much to us and ultimately allowed us to maintain focus on our marriage despite distractions and disruptions of life. For us maintaining focus includes scheduling quality ‘couple’ time and making candid open communication our priority. We continue to use the Married Love Coaching Plan to keep the emotional connection between us alive and growing and highly recommend the interactive coaching in Treat Your Marriage Like A Business.”
Kyle & Lauren Etter

“Invest in this book! Mike distills his half century’s worth of experience on how to have a spectacular marriage. Mike has more years in the trenches of marriage counseling than I’ve been alive. No other person I know has more knowledge or expertise about the mysteries of marital success. Be prepared. Your marriage won’t be the same.”
Koy Roberts, Ph.D.
Child & Family Psychologist

“Mike used the Married Love Coaching Plan as the basis for our pre-marital counseling. What an amazing foundation to build our marriage on! We have consistently referred back to the truths and tools that we learned through the Married Love Coaching Plan. We enthusiastically recommend Treat Your Marriage Like A Business to other couples as a guide to prevent drifting apart as well as creating a lasting, enjoyable married life."
Nick & Lindsay Zindel
Canopy Construction

“Mike Danchak has over 35 years of experience in family and marital counseling and coaching, much of this done with corporate executives. Over that time, Mike has developed PROVEN coaching methods that get results both in personal relationships as well as work place performance. His effort here is genius – getting people who are committed to growing their business to apply a similar strategy in their marriages. He has developed a unique coaching and counseling formatted approach that gives you intelligent direction and a plan to insure REAL change. Having benefited from Mike’s work personally, this read is a must for those who want to get the most of their marriage. Get ready because he will make you work – work at something that is key to a happy, bountiful life!”
Michael Fay
Vice President, Merritt Hawkins

After twenty five years of helping management teams improve their business relationships, I have concluded that there is not a great deal of difference between the success habits in the office and those at home. I think Mike Danchak is onto something when he relates a healthy marriage to a healthy business. If a husband or wife used Mike’s insights he has gleaned from several decades of personal and marital coaching and applied it in their marriage, it would have an incredibly positive impact on both their personal and business relationships. What an exciting opportunity for those who apply it!
Leroy Hamm,
President, IHD Corporation
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