Married Love Couseling and Coaching

Married Love Counseling and Coaching

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Is your marriage in trouble?

Have you and your spouse drifted apart?
Have you lost the feeling of being in love?
Does your spouse understand your needs?
Does your communication result in understanding or in angry, bitter arguments?
Do you feel emotionally alone?
Is your sex life mechanical, dull, or non-existent?
Do you feel safe in your marriage?
Are you considering divorce?

Try Marriage Counseling and Coaching

underlying thoughts, emotional baggage that drives behaviors that create relationship problems. Counseling is for couples who need more specialized help to address past hurts, mental health issues, or other behaviors that are beyond coaching. It often focuses on understanding the past to create health in the present.

Coaching provides the skills, exercise, and guidance to turn the insights learned from counseling into behaviors that strengthen the relationship. Coaching focuses on the present and moving forward. It focuses on helping couples better understand one another and solutions to their issues. Coaching helps couples move from where they are to where they want to be, and recognize that each marriage is different. Coaches will not tell you what to do, but will help you figure out what will work best for you as a couple.

Married Love Counseling/Coaching

The combination of coaching and counseling provides insightful listening, feedback, and specific skills/exercises to teach you and your spouse to consistently practice behaviors that result in your enjoying being together and create the feelings of “being in love.” The feeling of “being in love” enables you to enjoy communicating together as best friends and to celebrate the health of the relationship in joyful and consistent sexual intimacy. The integration of counseling and coaching provides the insight, skills and motivation for couples to heal the brokenness in their relationship.

About Mike Danchak, LMFT, LPC, CP

I am passionate about healthy marriages and families. I've practiced in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area for over 25 years and have counseled and coached couples from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. Drawing from these broad experiences and coupled with my professional training, I have developed the highly successful Married Love Plan, a counseling/coaching approach designed to strengthen and promote healthy marriages. In working with couples, I practice cognitive behavioral therapy from a client-centered perspective. Understanding that one's genetics, family of origin, environment, and mental health play a strong role in the development and overall health of couples in the marriage, I realize that no one approach is right for everyone.
After reviewing each couples pre-counseling information and our initial meeting, a unique counseling/coaching plan is tailored to meet the couples relationship needs. My training and experience also equip me to counsel/coach with individuals and couples from a faith-based perspective. I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor (Texas), Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (Texas), and a Certified Professional Coach and have been working with couples for over 30 years. I office out of Lewisville, Texas.


Mike’s Married Love Plan literally helped save our marriage. He’s not one of those “So how does this make you feel" type of counselors… just listening and giving feedback. Yes, he listened and gave feedback, but coaching provided us with specific daily exercises to teach us to overcome relationship destroying behaviors. I like the fact that he builds accountability into his approach. We learned not to blame the other, but to examine what we need to learn to do and to forgive to rebuild the emotional connection in our marriage.
David and Courtney, McKinney, Tx

We assumed that after six years of marriage and two children, we had a good relationship and didn’t hesitate to partner with Mike to take an objective look at our marriage through the Married Love Coaching. This thorough program revealed so much to us and ultimately allowed us to maintain focus on our marriage despite distractions and disruptions of life. For us maintaining focus included scheduling quality ‘couple’ time and making candid open communication our priority. We continue to use the information received in our married loved coaching to keep the emotional connection between us alive.
Kirk and Lisa, Carrolton, Tx


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