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The Coaching Series

Coaching To Ignite Your Married Love Plan

Working as a professional development coach and counselor in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area over the past 25 years has kept me in the trenches.  I am regularly involved in the daily work and personal lives of countless couples from diverse cultural, socio-economic and professional backgrounds.
I’ve counseled and coached married couples from mom and pop business, small entrepreneurial companies to billion dollar publicly held corporations.  These connections have afforded me the opportunity to appreciate the challenges and struggles of their frenetic lifestyles.  These busy couples – the majority having children at home – struggle to keep their relationships out of the doldrums of marital drift, which if left unaddressed often ends in emotional emptiness, extramarital affairs or eventually, divorce.

I have found that a couple’s need for relational improvement falls into three broad areas:

First, a commitment to the behaviors of love (i.e. understanding how to treat one another with respectful and need-meeting actions that create the feelings of being in love and being loved);
Second, to connect as friends (i.e. communicating in ways that strengthen the emotional connection of the relationship; conflict resolution that creates understanding and constructive behavior change, and casual conversation, laughing and having fun together); and
Third, sexual chemistry (i.e. candidly talking about unique sexual needs and desires, and regularly experiencing the excitement, variety and pleasures of the three kinds of marital sex).

Was it possible to combine my work experience as a corporate leadership development coach as well as a licensed marriage and family therapist into an effective plan to help couples improve their marriages?  That was the challenge and so I developed a method to bridge the above two experiences into a practical coaching strategy: The Married Love Plan: Commitment to the Behaviors of Love, Connected as Friends, and Sexual Chemistry.  Regardless of the current state of your marriage, Married Love Coaching sessions can be the catalyst to improve each of the three aspects of Married Love in your relationship.

Married Love
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If your marriage were a business would you invest in it?

•Would the forward looking relationship results suggest sound management that would catch the attention of analysts and attract investors?

•Would your marriage vision be flexible enough to adapt to the rapidly changing marriage environment in order to insure consistent growth and a strong bottom line for years to come?

According to current statistics on the state of marriages today, 40% or more couples’ answers to those questions would be “no” — as their emotionally empty marriages end in divorce.

A large percent stay together in a bland, dull and rocky relationship.


Watch, How Marriage Coaching Works

Would Coaching Benefit You and Your Marriage? 
Coaching may be what you need in order to ignite the dying embers of friendship, emotional connection and sexual chemistry in your marriage.

Check out the Marriage Coaching Assessment and see how you do?


Marriage Coaching With Mike, How Does it Work?

1.  Contact Mike for a complimentary consult  and receive a copy of “The Question That Will Save Your Marriage.”
Mike Danchak
2.  Based on the consult, a  coaching strategy  will be discussed to develop your personalized Married Love Coaching  Plan. 
3. Live out of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metropolitan area?   Mike has expertise in distance coaching.  He has successfully  logged over 3,000 hours of distance coaching over the internet and phone. 

“We assumed that after six years of marriage and two children, we had a good relationship and didn’t hesitate to partner with Mike Danchak to take an objective look at our marriage through the Married Love Coaching. This thorough program revealed so much to us and ultimately allowed us to maintain focus on our marriage despite distractions and disruptions of life. For us maintaining focus includes scheduling quality ‘couple’ time and making candid open communication our priority. We continue to use the Married Love Coaching to keep the emotional connection between us alive and growing and highly recommend the interactive coaching in Treat Your Marriage Like A Business.”
Kyle & Lauren Etter

“Mike used the Married Love Coaching as the basis for our pre-marital counseling. What an amazing foundation to build our marriage on! We have consistently referred back to the truths and tools that we learned through the Married Love Coaching. We enthusiastically recommend Treat Your Marriage Like A Business to other couples as a guide to prevent drifting apart as well as creating a lasting, enjoyable married life."
Nick & Lindsay Zindel
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