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What is the purpose of premarital coaching?


Information and discussion of Married Love: Commitment to the Behaviors of Love, Connect as Friends, and Sexual Chemistry

• Communication skills
• Keeping the feelings of being “in love” alive
• Romance and Intimacy
• The “question” that saves marriages
• Role relationships,
• Conflict resolution
• Finances
• Sexuality
    • The three kinds of marital sex
    • Sex and body chemistry
    • Gender needs and differences
• Impact of family of origin on the relationship
• Resources for relational continuous improvement

The information and discussions are designed to assist couples preparing for marriage in the following ways:

• Identifying strengths to build on
• Identifying growth areas that need to be addressed
• Discuss expectations each bring to the marriage relationship
• To develop a realistic understanding of the first year of marriage


The process will serve to assist each individual in developing an awareness and insight into possible issues they bring to the relationship that need attention.
Coaching helps to answer the question, “is there any baggage we need to unpack?” 

• Under certain circumstances, recommend individual counseling to deal with specific personal issues.


If I am to officiate at the wedding, time will be given to discussion of the wedding
ceremony and rehearsal at the last meeting.


Pre-marital counseling consists of 6 hours, 3 two hour sessions.
You will complete materials assigned: readings, check-lists, evaluations, and both participate in the
sessions, sharing your feelings and points-of-view.

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*Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Professional Coach

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